Thursday, February 14, 2008
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
I hope you are having a great day with the ones you love!

Valentine's day marks a "monthaversary" for my husband and me. We became engaged 468 months ago! Every year he reminds me--usually with a note in my Valentine's Day gift--how many months we "have been engaged." We were married about four months after he gave me that sweet ring. Just in case you didn't do the month math--It's been 39 years! Here we are on the day we married--as we were leaving the church! We were so young!
So what do you do for Valentine's Day 39 years later? My husband had a plan! A few days ago an early Valentine's Day gift was delivered. Lee had ordered fudge and other goodies sent to me from one of our favorite places--Mackinac Island!

The gift of candy was a deliciously sweet surprise. However, the memories that this gift brings to mind makes it an even sweeter Valentine treat! We discovered Mackinaw Island in Michigan about ten years ago. It was suggested to me as a good vacation spot by a work colleague. It became one of our favorite vacations retreats. We have been back two times. (BTW--Mackinac is pronounced Mackinaw).

Mackinac Island is a delightful place to visit. Take a minute to take a look online at some of its highlights. You may want to plan a trip! There are no motorized vehicles on the island--only a couple of emergency fire trucks and such. It is an Historical Landmark; some of its buildings and homes date back to Revolutionary War times. During The War of 1812 , the British and Americans fought several battles on the island. I believe the British won those battles. Reenactments are staged at the fort every day. The island gained some noteriety with the 1980 movie Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeve.

The Island provides a peaceful, pretty, relaxing (or busy) place to have some fun. Take your walking shoes because--remember no cars! There are LOTS of horses and bicycles! I sound like I'm being paid for PR. I'm not! It truly is a wonderful vacation spot.

We did not elect to stay at the Grand Hotel.
It is a huge, beautiful hotel that has an illustrious history, including being featured in the movie. It would be a great place to stay--very elegant. We always stayed at less expensive hotels off the island in Mackinaw City (Go figure--the city spells it the way it sounds!) on the banks of Lake Huron. There are some tourist type attractions, including another fort, lighthouse, and reconstructed historical French settlement in Mackinaw City.

We traveled to the island by jet ferry. That's a fun way to start the day!

Here we are on the ferry--Off to our island adventure!

As we approached the island we passed Round Island Lighthouse .

We also got a good view of The MIGHTY MAC Bridge

that spans the dangerous stretch of water between
Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

On the island there is plenty to see and do--or you can opt for some peaceful people and creature watching! This is the main street near the waterfront. It takes a little while to get used to seeing so many horses.
There are plenty of horses, carriages, wagons, and bicycles to rent. There are several hundred people who live on the island year round. There are more horses than people!
Actually, my pictures do not really do the horse population justice--There are usually more carriages, surries, etc. on the street. As you travel around the island you see people on horseback also.

Take a look here--Horse drawn lorries deliver goods to stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Check out this UPS lorry.

We took a guided tour of the island in a carriage/wagon.
Our horses were Fred and Wilma.

Here are just a few of the sights of the island.

A view of the beach
through a break in a beautiful wooded area.

A peaceful and private beach.

Lee in front of an interesting
natural bridge rock formation.

We have been back two more times. On those trips we made the Mackinac area our base and traveled into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, into Canada, and took several driving tours to see lighthouses. The island was always a highlight of our trips to Michigan.

So--Are you wondering what fudge has to do with all this? When you get off the ferry at the Macinac Island dock the first thing you encounter is a smell. It is NOT the smell of horses--it is FUDGE! There are numerous--and I do mean many--fudge shops on the island. It is a 100 year tradition of the island. Personally, I think they found a good way to cover up the smell of, ahem, the horses! :-) Actually, the fudge is delicious, and what better way to remember a special time with my very sweet husband!

Well, I was ready to post this when the doorbell rang.
Guess what!

I got one more Valentine's Day surprise!

I told you--the man is a sweetheart!

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At February 14, 2008 at 3:48 PM, Blogger Cherdecor said...

What a lovely couple and you, my friend, were quite a cute little chick! Ha! Ha! Happy Valentine's Day!

At February 14, 2008 at 4:18 PM, Blogger Robin said...

What a sweet Valentine post! I have always wanted to go to that island - ever since I saw Somewhere in Time! You have a very romantic valentine - have a wonderful day!
p.s. and you were so cute on your wedding day!

At February 14, 2008 at 4:33 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Myrna!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip - what a special place.
Enjoy the day together. He really is a special guy!

At February 14, 2008 at 4:38 PM, Blogger ellen b. said...

Happy Valentine's Day Myrna! You do have a sweetheart there for sure. I've been to Mackinaw Island years ago and I do remember buying fudge! We rode bikes around the Island.. such a lovely spot. Enjoy the day and your monthaversary!!

At February 14, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Blogger Tammy said...

What a sweet couple you are- and yes, he is a sweet husband for sure!
Loved all the pictures!
A happy Valentine's Day, Myrna!

At February 14, 2008 at 7:31 PM, Blogger PEA said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you dear Myrna:-) Oh how I enjoyed this post...I've always wanted to go to Mackinac Island but haven't yet. My parents went there back in the 1960's and they simply loved it. I've been wanting to go ever since!! I had heard about their fudge...I'm a fudge-aholic! lol What a wonderful gift package that Lee ordered for you and the flowers are also beautiful!! Loved the pictures!! xoxo

At February 14, 2008 at 10:00 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

What a romantic guy he is! I love the pictures of you then and now!

DC lived in northern Michigan for awhile as a kid. I've never thought of going to Mackinac Island - I'll have to mention it to him. I haven't seen that movie - maybe we should rent it tomorrow night.

Kev went to Mozambique twice in one year on mission trips - that's what led him to go to Kenya for school when he learned our church had a college there. He's also been to S. Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania. He has had a heart for the continent since before he even gave his life to the Lord.

Thanks for coming by today and sharing in my prayer request.

At February 15, 2008 at 6:54 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Your man IS a sweetheart. I bet he says the same of you.

I have to tell you, when I clicked on your post from Bloglines and that wedding day picture of you popped up, I initially thought it was Barbie and Ken.

You are both so adorable!

At February 15, 2008 at 7:20 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Myrna...thanks for stopping by...I loved your Valentines post...loved your Wedding/Going Away photo...precious! Ya'll are a cute couple!

At February 15, 2008 at 10:29 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Hi Myrna, I found your blog through Becky. This was a wonderful post. I would love to visit this island. Someday.

I've enjoyed reading through your blog and actually clicked on the posts about toilet cleaning! Now, do I lead an exciting life or what? I have three kids, two are boys, so what can I say. I learned a few things. Thanks for the tip.

My hat goes off to you as an elementary school teacher. You all are my heros. I just don't have the patience to teach, but so admire those who do.

At February 15, 2008 at 2:58 PM, Blogger Needled Mom said...

I think that I wore my hair in the exact same hair style when I got married 39 years ago!!! Oh dear.

I love Mackinac. We have friends who travel from San Diego each year to be innkeepers there. I really enjoyed the photos. You did a great job capturing the island life there -- including the ferry ride over. Thanks.

At February 16, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Blogger ~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Hey Myrna, what a lovely post about a wonderful retreat here in our beautiful state. We love the island and the fun of getting there by ferry. We have only stayed overnight on the island once and it was very fun. My husband photographed a wedding for some friends while we were there. I would love to go back and stay again.

Ah the fudge. It is really yummy! Of course I love chocolate. I didn't even know you could have it sent. What a great idea!

I'm sitting here telling my husband we need to head up north come fall and enjoy a getaway on the island.

At February 16, 2008 at 6:42 PM, Blogger Susie said...

You were and are such a cute couple. Loved reading about your favorite vacation spot. It sounds just delightful! Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful.

At February 18, 2008 at 8:42 AM, Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Congrats on your Monthaversary!! What sweet treats and from your sweetheart. We've been to Mackinaw Island and it is such a lovely place to visit.


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