Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Susan asked for volunteers to be interviewed and I accepted the challenge. She has composed some very thought-provoking questions. There are many nuances to these questions and I’m sure some others would hold a perspective different from mine. But, on this day, at this time—here are my answers. Thank you, Susan, for this challenging exercise.

1) If you were going to lose EVERYTHING you owned and could only save ONE item what would it be? And why? (this has to be a thing, not a person or animal)

Impossible! I have three scenarios--and there are probably a lot more. BTW, one of my most irritating characteristics is that I overanalyze everything!

Scenario One--Everyone is Losing Everything
The first thing I think of is to get one of my Bibles--However, I can buy another one or get one from a church. But if the scenario is that EVERYONE is losing everything, I would take my Bible. I have several reasons for that--First, of course we will need a copy of God's Word to begin again. Secondly, I'm an educator. If we are all losing everything someone needs to be prepared to teach the children. The Bible is a means to teach children to read while also teaching them how to live with others--and a lot of other things they need to know in life. Lastly, there is my own habit--I MUST always have something to read. It is an obsession! The Bible is, after all, the best collection of books--It has it all--romance, thriller, mystery, poetry, history, geneology. . .

Scenario Two--I am losing everything—EVERYTHING
Something of monetary worth
OK, This time I am losing not just what is in my house, but all assets, including money in the bank, cars, etc. Tough one--but I think I have an answer! I would choose an item that has monetary worth. I'm going to need to eat and have clothing and shelter and possibly take care of some family members. Therefore, I would need something that could be bartered or sold. In that case I would take some family heirloom silver--If I had time to go where it is and get it. Otherwise, I would grab the few pieces of jewelry I have. In both cases I would try to trade it in such a way that I might be able to buy it back at a later date if possible--Does that mean I'm going to a pawn shop? M-m-m-m-m Never been to one. Guess I'm going on a field trip!

Scenario three--Losing everything in terms of things, but not necessarily all assets.
Something of Sentimental Value
Also tough--It would definitely be something that cannot be replaced. There are so many things that have meaning! By choosing any one item I am NOT choosing other items of great emotional value to me. But if I can really only have one thing--I would choose our wedding rings. I know, I know--that's more than one, but I'm going to count it as One SET so that I can take mine and his. That is a symbol of what is most important to me--My family. I would choose the symbol of the people I love.

And then again--I might just chuck everything else and get the computer-SO I COULD BE SURE TO BLOG! :)

2) What was the worse mistake you ever made? Why or what caused you to make it?

I definitely have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have thought about this question carefully. As I review my major mistakes, I have come to the realization that they all involve making a judgment about a person--either myself or someone else--that proved to be wrong. So, I'm going to say that the worst mistake I have ever made was to underestimate an individual person. I have made that mistake more than once and when I have it is because I have not had enough trust--either in myself or someone else.

3) What one person has had the most influence in helping you become who "YOU" are today? Why or how? (this has to be someone you've personally known during your lifetime)

My Husband--

• He is my best friend.
• He has had great influence on me because of the kind of Christian example he is. His life verse is:
Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.
• He truly lives that verse.
• He has persevered through great personal difficulties and is an amazing example to others.
• He believes I can do things that I don't believe myself.
• He sometimes helps me by editing what I write and occasionally he knows computer stuff I need to learn.
• He has supported me through career goals, decisions, and activities that required him to give up things he might have wanted to do.
• He told me that he and God had a wonderful plan for my life--Then he took me on the journey--Almost all of it has been wonderful.
• He is loved dearly by many people--and some of that rubs off on me!
• He is not perfect (I'll keep that part to myself!), but he is the best example I know of how to live life well.

4) If you had a 2 week all-expense-paid vacation to anywhere you wanted to go, where would you go? Why or what would you do?


We were fortunate to take a trip there in 2000. Being in that country--particularly in Jerusalem--had such a tremendous emotional and spiritual impact on me. I would love to have the time to revisit leisurely all of the places we visited then. In addition, I would want to explore more and really get to spend time with some of the people. In order to do that I would want our friend, Arie (who IRL has a tour business), to be my tour guide and show me all the places he loves in his country.

After Israel, I would negotiate a third week and spend it on the island of Patmos! I would stay in the little hotel right off the dock, rent a moped, and explore every beach cave I could find, enjoy the beauty of the sea, and soak in the peacefulness.

5) What is THE one most important quality or trait that you look for in a friend? Why?

A true friendship takes time to cultivate. I have some relatively new friends—five years or less—who I consider dependable and trustworthy. I enjoy being with them, I trust them, and I value their meaningful place in my life. However, those friendships have not yet passed the test of time. Undoubtedly, some of them will develop the staying power that some of my other friendships have. Surely we will prove to be dependable enough to each other so that years from now we will retain rich friendships. I certainly hope so.

I have a few friends that I have known for five, ten, twenty, or even thirty years. I treasure these friendships. We have cultivated our regard for one another over time. We can be separated by time or distance and still know that the relationship is intact. I can depend on them in good and bad times. They know when I need to be with people and when I need quiet solitude—and I can depend on them to let me choose. They can be trusted with a confidence. I can also trust them to allow me to return the gift of friendship. They are dependable, trustworthy, and priceless.

6) What one trait do you find the most annoying in a person? Would you still be friends with that person?

In a friendship there is no place for deliberate dishonesty. Well, maybe it's OK to say, "Oh, you look great today!" to a friend recovering from the flu--when you really mean, "You look better than last week, but you still register below a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10!" I mean. I don't want to know the honest truth about every little detail. Spare me the frankness of critiquing everything I wear, etc. :)

Nevertheless, telling a friend an untruth to be hurtful to them or someone else--or to put yourself in a better light--or to escape admitting a mistake, etc. is just not acceptable. It goes back to the trait of trustworthiness. I like to know that I can trust my friends. I just as firmly like for them to know that they can trust me.

If I knew someone had been deliberately dishonest to me in a way that was hurtful to me or someone I loved I hope would be able to forgive them. It would be easier to forgive if they asked to be forgiven and assured me that our relationship would be based on honesty. If dishonesty proved to be a life style habit, I would likely eventually lose trust in the person. The friendship would probably be diminished and perhaps would have to end.

Whew! That took some real thinking!
Are you up for some questions? If you will agree to be interviewed let me know in the comment you leave. I will get your questions to you very quickly. You will be asked to answer five of the six questions I give you. Come on, you can do it!

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At May 9, 2007 at 6:45 AM, Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Myrna - WONDERFUL job!!! I especially liked the way you tackled #1 from 3 angles. I NEVER would have thought of that. You are a THINKER!!! Thanks for letting me interview you. We all learned a lot about you and it is good.


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