Friday, April 20, 2007
Failing Grandparenting 101
Grandchildren! What a joy! We got to have two of ours with us last night while their parents attended a banquet. They both had activities with friends before coming to our house so they had a full social calendar for the evening. Three-year-old E went to visit a friend's dance class and six-year-old L had soccer practice.

When they were brought to me they were hungry. They had both eaten earlier, but they were HUNGRY! I know how to feed children nutritionally, but, after all, I am the Grandmama! So, last night I think I probably failed Grandparenting 101. My attitude was pretty much--Go for it!
Here is what they had to eat last night:
• POPCORN--We love our popcorn! It is even better when we eat it in our tent. Our tent is under the kitchen table with a couple of sheets thrown over it to hang down and "hide" us. It is very cozy--especially when we bring books to read. Sometimes we stay there until Mama comes to get little people! Last night we didn't take time to build a tent--We just devoured the popcorn because they were so hungry!
• CHOCOLATE MILK and ICED TEA--E had "chocky" milk and L had iced tea. I know, I know. It was too close to bedtime for liquids, but--they were hungry!
• RAISINS--E loves them; L, not so much. He turned down all offers of fruit. He was hungry--just not for anything too nutritional!
• COOKIES--E found some cookies in the pantry that Poppy had gotten in a gift basket. These are BIG cookie "sandwiches" with strawberry filling between two--sort of like an Oreo, but not chocolate and bigger. I just knew she would take one bite and throw it away. She.ate.every.morsel--after she licked every bite of the icing off both cookies.
• POPTART--L saw E with her monster cookie and he needed one. Of course, he doesn't like strawberry and the only other cookie in the house was of the oatmeal raisin variety--Remember, no raisins! So he found a Poptart--with chocolate.

While we were on this feeding frenzy we played Trouble and Chutes and Ladders. At least, L and I did. He has become fairly patient with E as she learns to play games. He knows she will get tired, leave her game pieces where they are, and go to another activity. Sure enough, she went to find a her doll and a bear. Then L got competitive--He beat me at both games.

All evening we took breaks from eating/playing games to check on Poppy. The children like to be the ones to go ask Poppy if he is OK. E loves to run to the bedroom and ask, "Poppy you "tay? You need gamama?" and then back to me to announce the answer.

When E started talking about her pink bear at home I knew she getting sleepy. She got a doll, a bear, a blanket and had L and me curl up with her on the couch. We watched Nemo until Mom came for the little ones. What a precious time.

Yes, I think failed Grandparenting 101 last night! I usually try to keep things pretty calm and remember the "rules". For these two, we are the closest grandparents and it would be easy to go overboard. Last night I acted like a grandparent that only sees them once a year--You want it? You got it! I reminded myself of my own Dad. He didn't see the children often because of distance. I could say, "You have had enough cinnamon rolls/candy/brownies/etc. Don't eat anymore." Dad would be slipping them another one under the table! Grandparents! Gotta love us.

My children will be glad to let their children come back anytime because they know I will always pass with flying colors in the "loving them" category--And, of course, nothing says lovin' like a little junk food!

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At April 20, 2007 at 9:26 PM, Blogger Barb said...

I absolutely beg to differ, Myrna. You get an A+ in Grandparenting 101.

I tell you, I LOVE to do this. My so far one and only little grandson is with me a couple of days a week. And when he's here, if he doesn't want chicken nuggets and carrots and milk for lunch, well, excuse me, this is NANA'S house and you don't have to eat stuff you don't like at Nana's house.

My daughter can deal with his nutrition. Me? I always told her, I'm getting even with you someday. Today is someday. LOL

Seriously, one night of popcorn and chocky milk (that's exactly what Cameron calls it, by the way) is not going to hurt them. What would hurt them is if going to Grandma's house wasn't special.

Good for you. Grandmothers of the world, UNITE! LOL

Thank you so much for visiting my site (A Chelsea Morning) and I hope you'll come back soon.

At April 21, 2007 at 11:14 AM, Blogger Morning Glory said...

You left me smiling from ear to ear! I'd also give an A+ for the course. I have a sign at my house that says "Welcome to Grandma's house. Children spoiled while you wait."

Isn't that our mission at this stage of life?

At April 22, 2007 at 9:35 PM, Blogger Susie said...

I loved this post. My grands are a bit older, and they know every where every yummy goody is located and/or hidden!!
My sign says "Grammy and Grandpa's house, Grandchildren spoiled here!"
I always obey signs, don't you???


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