Monday, April 9, 2007
What Do You Want For Your Birthday?
Today was like Christmas! No, I'm not referring to the recent arctic weather we have "enjoyed" in the Volunteer State! Actually, I guess it really wasn't like Christmas--more like a birthday.

I had a bday not long ago. Several days before the big day my husband--also known as Precious Husband--asked me, "What do you want for your birthday?"

You need to know that I am not a big celebrator of my birthday. It truly has nothing to do with age. I just don't make a big deal of the day. I enjoy other people's birthdays and always planned parties for our children. I enjoy going to the parties for our grandchildren--with four grands celebrating birthdays within two months we have a real flurry of bday activity this time of the year! I just don't need a big whoop event for my day. My family knows this, but they always insist on some kind of celebration. This year it was dinner at our house--that I did not prepare--a cake, and a weekend of fun with all eight of the two younger generations. My sons planned the event. They are wonderful, caring sons and I appreciated their efforts!

Anyway--back to the gift idea request. Usually when ph asks this question I say something like, "surprise me," or "something for the soul," or "something pretty." this time I surprised him with, "I want a new washer and dryer." We seldom give those kind of gifts. You know the kind--something practical or not personal. When we were newly married and money was scarce we gave practical gifts out of necessity. But, several years ago we started being more creative and have tried to choose gifts that have special meaning or that the other would not expect. PH is very good at choosing meaningful, unexpected gifts, so when I said, "washer and dryer," he was a little shocked and probably disappointed. But, he asked and I told--so he went along with it!

That washer was definitely on its last legs--leaking like a sieve and listing to the left. Every time I walked into the room I didn't know whether to pray it would work or just kick it and put it out of its misery. On top of that, the pair did not match. Don't ever buy one of those appliances thinking you will get the other matching one later. In my experience that doesn't work. That's why for a while I had a gold dryer and an almond washer and then a white dryer and still an almond washer. You can tell the ages by the colors--gold dryer left from a pair bought in the 70s--added the almond washer in the 80s--went with a white dryer in the 90s. I'm telling you the truth. The buy one now/buy one later plan REALLY doesn't work at our house.

Yesterday and today I prepared for the grand homecoming of the new family members. I cleaned the laundry room and asked my son to move the dryer out of the way. The washer was to be hauled away by the delivery men and the dryer was picked up by a friend who needed it. This morning I painted the room, finishing just an hour before the scheduled delivery time. It was a boring, somewhat dingy beige; now it's yellow. Did I say yellow? I should have said YELLOW! I wanted bright and cheery--It is definitely bright--and clean--and bright!

The dynamic duo arrived on time and they are beautiful! Amazing--they are both the same color and style. I considered red because I really like red and thought red appliances would be really cool. But, knowing my history with washers and dryers I could just see a red washer with a purple or lime green dryer in ten years. So--they are both pristine white--which helps tone down the yellow just a bit. I keep going into the laundry room to be sure they didn't sneak out the back door while I wasn't watching. I haven't washed anything yet. I guess I don't want to get the machines dirty. Of course I need to read the manual to figure out all the lights and buttons. I know it is not appropriate to be proud--but I really do like these appliances!

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, ph, for listening to what I really wanted!

Now I know I should have a picture here of my wonderful laundry buddies. Well, I am technologically challenged sometimes and can't always be depended on to get things to work right. This is one of those times. Oh well--I am doing some more things to the laundry room, so I'll get my camera problem (it's really a ME problem) worked out and show you the completed project in a few days.

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At April 11, 2007 at 10:37 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

Oh, this was so much fun to read! Can't wait to see your new washer and dryer...and it sounds like you do, indeed, have a terrific husband! :)

A belated Happy Birthday!


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